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The company operates a direct sale concept to wholesalers (Distributors) and bakers through its sales liaison officers located at the various depots in Kumasi, Accra, Takoradi and Cape Coast.  

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Takoradi Flour Mill Ltd (TFM) is a wheat flour manufacturing company established in 1974. Its factory is located within the Takoradi Harbor in Ghana. TFM is noted for high quality wheat flour and related by-products for the Ghanaian market and export to the West African sub-region.

TFM presently operates a 24hour production line from its three mills with a total daily capacity of 1100 M/T on wheat.  The company started with a 200 M/T daily capacity for its Mill A  and later increased to 250M/T daily capacity in 1974. Later a second mill (Mill B) was added with a daily capacity of 250 M/T in 1992. To meet the high market demand for quality flour products, a 600M/T daily capacity plant  (Mill C) was installed  in 2008

The company currently provides direct jobs to 180 employees and over 150 people working through third party service providers. Indirect jobs to wholesalers, retailers, transporters, bakers and bread/pastry sellers as well as farmers are estimated at over 3000 people.   

TFM has contributed significantly and continues to do the same to the Ghanaian economy through the payment of taxes to the Government of Ghana, created direct and indirect job opportunities, supported the Agriculture industry through the supply of wheat bran to animal feed producers and farmers among others.    

Management Team

We have a team of experienced and highly motivated professionals with varied qualifications and background.